Norway First Ascents - Aaron Mulkey

In February 2015, Grivel and Beal athlete Aaron Mulkey joined forces with Chris Guyer, Daniel Burson, and Shawn Gregory traveled to Norway and established a collection of new mixed routes on Senja Island.

Aaron Mulkey shares his story and photos from the trip on Alpinist.com.

Photos ©Aaron Mulkey - Follow him on Instagram @coldfear

As a Beal sponsored climber, Aaron climbs on Beal ropes that are made with the industry-leading technologies of UNICORE (bonding the sheath to the core to eliminate sheath slippage and excessive core exposure if the sheath is cut.) and GOLDEN DRY (UIAA certified water repellent treatment that applied to all the filaments of the sheath and the core, keeping water absorption down below 2%).

As a Grivel sponsored climber, Aaron climbs with the new Grivel Tech Machine ice tools, G20 crampons, and 360 ice screws.

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