Grivel 360 Ice Screw--Better Than Ever

The Grivel 360 ice screws were featured in the Climbing Magazine’s 2014 Gear Guide where they were praised for their improved hanger that allows them to rack tighter on the harness and the longer teeth that makes them quicker to place.

"Compared with the older [Grivel 360 screws], I was a lot more likely to get first-time, stab-and-go placements." –Climbing Magazine

Thanks to its rotating handle, the 360 excels in situations where screw placements are awkward and tight. The rotating characteristic also allows the handle to be long and ergonomic so that even placing a screw with bulky gloves is possible.

Grivel athlete, Scott Adamson has been using the Grivel 360 ice screws for a long time now and considers them as his go-to-screw. Here’s what he had to say about them:

“I always rack with a handful of 360s. They're rad for that dark, old, dense ice you get in the alpine world. They are perfect for when your calves are burning and you want to keep moving but you know you should slam in a piece. The leverage on the screw is great, it bites right through the ice.

"It’s also the go-to-screw on steep, weird ice. When the ice is chandlered and crazy the 360 screws are able to get into spots other screws can't. When the barometer drops to 30 below and you have your big bumbly gloves on, the handle on the 360 is awesome. You actually have something to hold on to. Also the new design allows for better racking, they now sit great on the ice holster.”

Another unique feature that all Grivel ice screws have is the reverse threading that helps displace all of the force created during a fall. By angling the threads in the opposite direction from that of other branded screws, the forces of a fall are directed in a more diagonal/outward direction, rather than having all the force directed along the sides of the screw.

In this video, Peter McConkie, Liberty Mountain’s Director of Sales, demonstrates the Grivel 360 while pointing out their great features:

Grivel is one of the many brands exclusively distributed by Liberty Mountain in the U.S. Visit LibertyMountain.com or contact the Liberty Mountain Sales Team to become a Grivel dealer today.

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