Singing Rock Harnesses - 2015/16 Collection

The new Singing Rock harnesses look good, feel great, and perform exceptionally. The new design and construction of these harnesses deliver better ergonomics and comfort, while also incorporating Singing Rock’s proprietary Rock&Lock buckles and B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) system.

Variable width webbing is used in the leg loops and waist belt for maximum comfort and keeping the weight down. The padding around the harness provides a soft feel that does not irritate and does an excellent job at wicking away moisture.

Each Singing Rock harness is designed with needed features for it’s respective style of climbing.

Singing Rock Onyx
The Singing Rock Onyx is a high-end sport climbing harness that provides maximum comfort and freedom of movement while slimming down the features to keep things light: One Rock&Lock waist buckle, flexible leg loops, narrow webbing and belay loop, and four articulated gear loops.

Singing Rock Pearl
The Singing Rock Pearl is an all-around harness specially made to fit the female body with a specially shaped waist belt and a longer belay loop. The Pearl is equipped with one Rock&Lock buckle on the waist belt and one on each leg loop. Narrow webbing and belay loop keep the weight down and the four articulated gear loops make it easy to rack all the gear.

Singing Rock Garnet
The Singing Rock Garnet is an all-around harness with adjustable leg loops. The Garnet is equipped with one Rock&Lock buckle on the waist belt and one on each leg loop, one rear haul loop, two porter slots for racking ice screws, and four articulated gear loops.

Singing Rock Spinel
The Signing Rock Spinel is a fully adjustable harness, ideal for mountaineering and winter climbing. With two Rock&Lock buckles on the waist belt and one on each leg loop, this harness will provide a proper fit even after you layer on your warm clothing. The Spinel is also equipped with one rear haul loop, two porter slots for racking ice screws, and four articulated gear loops.

Singing Rock Dome
The Singing Rock Dome is the ultimate big wall harness, designed with essential aid climbing features. Even with all its features and robustness, the Dome is still very lightweight. The Dome’s wider and ergonomically shaped waist belt and leg loops offer maximum support and comfort during a long day on the wall. The waist belt is equipped with rugged material on the outside to better withstand abrasion. This harness is fully adjustable for a proper fit with two buckles on the waist belt and one on each leg loop. The Dome is equipped with the following features: seven braided gear loops, rear haul loop, two color distinctive belay loops, two porter slots, and detachable rear elastic straps.

Singing Rock Aladdin Plus
The Singing Rock Aladdin Plus takes the popular Aladdin chest harness and adds comfortable padding with extra gear loops. The Aladdin Plus provides more comfort, optimizes body position, and reduces pressure to the upper body. The Aladdin Plus has five gear loops with the two largest being adjustable.

Singing Rock Penta
In addition to a new line of harnesses, Singing Rock has also produced a new hybrid helmet called the Singing Rock Penta. The Penta is extremely lightweight, super-comfortable, and fully ventilated. With a co-molded expanded polystyrene foam inside and a hard polycarbonate shell, the Penta offers four headlamp clips, 11 vents and air channels, and a soft webbing harness system that conforms better to the head and provides compact storage in the backpack. On of the lightest climbing helmets on the market at 205 grams.


More about Singing Rock
Located in the heart of the Czech Republic, surrounded by towering sandstone pillars that only the very brave and tenacious locals dare to climb in the traditional Czech style, Singing Rock began. It is there in the unique Bohemian Paradise where Singing Rock products are designed, tested and manufactured in a world-class facility. Designed and built by climbers who are passionate about design and safety. Singing Rock continually refines it’s harnesses and other climbing equipment to build the best gear possible.

More about Liberty Mountain
Liberty Mountain offers outdoor retailers a great selection of products, quick online ordering, easy-to-use catalogs, excellent customer service, dependable same day shipping, and high in-stock rates from both its Utah and Pennsylvania warehouses.

Liberty Mountain exclusively distributes the following brands throughout the U.S.: Beal, Grivel, Edelweiss, Valandre, Movement, Cypher, Vaude, Singing Rock, Olicamp, Outdoor Designs, Peregrine, Trangia, Stram, Stubai, Kong, Equinox, and many others.

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