For The Love Of Climbing - Anne Struble

Beal athlete, Anne Struble shares her list of her favorite climbing related tools that allow her to climb with comfort and convenience.

I’ve read many climbing blogs over the years but never written one. The ability of some climbers to continually create new and interesting content is impressive. It seems that pictures and controversial topics go a long way.


The West Face Of Tengi Ragi Tau

Alan Rousseau and Tino Villanueva are currently in Nepal with their eyes fixed on summiting Tengi Ragi Tau via the West face. This effort is supported by Beal.

Drolamboa Glacier. Peak 6425 sits in the background and is unclimbed; a potential objective for our trip. We will be where the photo was taken for 25 days.  Photo: Tino VTino Villanueva.


2014 Idaho Mountain Festival

The granite domes of the City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park summon climbers like the mythical Shangri-La beckons adventurers. The unique formations with crisp patina edges, splitter and varying cracks, and lines from 5.14 to 5.1 can leave any tradster, bolt-clipper, and pebble-wrestler in a climbing-induced coma. Overshadowed by the better known and ever-popular City of Rocks, Castle Rocks remains a destination less frequented and saved for the “next time we visit the City.”

The Road From Ice Skating to Ice Climbing - Angela VanWiemeersch

Edelweiss athlete, Angela VanWiemeersch hasn’t always been an ice climber and mountaineer. In fact, she’s only been climbing for a few years. In a recent Enormocast podcast, Angela gives her personal tutorial on how a competitive ice skater became an ice climber.


Exposed: Steve House

You’ve heard of his amazing ascents all over the world. You’ve seen the videos, headlines, and photos. But do you really know the person behind the name?

We’ve asked Grivel athlete, Steve House to step off the rock and expose who he really is, what makes him tick, and to share some personal things about himself.


The Gear That Made It Happen With Cheyne Lempe

Edelweiss athlete, Cheyne Lempe has been jumping between Yosemite and Patagonia for the last few years. He's been setting some records and snagging first ascents on some phenomenal walls. In all of these adventures, he's kept one thing pretty consistent...his rope. Here's what he has to say about the Edelweiss Energy 9.5mm:

In the past few years, I have used the Edelweiss Energy 9.5mm climbing rope on more big routes than anything else. The rope has an incredible durability-to-weight ratio, and is a true workhorse. Dragging the rope through miles of abrasive granite down in Patagonia or grinding it up the huge walls of Yosemite, the rope has always been a crucial factor in my success.

The following images were taken during significant ascents while using the Edelweiss Energy rope:

The North Pillar Sit Start (5.11, C1, 2000m) - Fitz Roy Massif - Patagonia, Argentina - First ascent. Photo by Cheyne Lempe.


Mountain Running – Tor des Géants – Nick Hollon

US runner and Grivel sponsored athlete, Nick Hollon became the first non-European to take the podium in the history of the Tor des Géants mountain running race.

Photo by Lorenzo Belfrond Photographia.