Valandre Lafayette Recognized by Spanish Climbing Magazine

The Lafayette expedition sleeping bag was recently recognized as the gold winner in the sleeping bag category by Spanish climbing magazine Desnivel. The award is given for products that incorporate innovation as well as top of the line quality and function. 

The Lafayette Sleeping bag by Valandre is a super light bag that is perfect for fast and light alpine climbing missions. The bag packs down small, weighs in at just over two pounds, and uses 850+ fill goose down as insulation. 

To learn more, take a look at this post by Valandre, or visit the product page here


Cypher Vesta Sport Draws Featured in Climbing Magazine

The latest issue of Climbing Magazine features the Cypher Vesta Sport quickdraw in the gear review section of the magazine. The review features new and innovative products that Climbing Magazine testers have used and abused on the mountain. "Simple. Affordable. Durable. Lightweight" were only a few of the adjectives used to describe these draws from Cypher. Reviewers loved the fat dogbone for times that they had to bail while clipping, but also the fact that the nylon sling got skinnier at the ends in order to save a little weight.

To read the full review, and hear some rad stories from the climbing community, check out the July / August issue of Climbing Magazine.


Grivel Zen Featured in Climbing Magazine

The July/August 2016 issue of Climbing Magazine focuses on alpine climbing and the skills and equipment necessary for long days on the mountain. The gear review of gear hauling backpacks names the Grivel Zen 40 pack as the best "Burly Workhorse." The review calls the pack "light and tougher than nails" and mentions that it can "take heavy abuse and still perform."

To read the full review, and see the other products that Climbing magazine recommends check out this month's issue on newsstands now.


Gear Review: Valandre Shocking Blue Neo

The outdoor gear experts at Gear Institute recently published a review of the Valandre Shocking Blue Neo sleeping bag. During a 12 night trip in the Ozark Mountains, the reviewers used the bag in temperatures well below freezing and were able to gain a pretty good understanding of exactly what the bag can handle. 

In the review, they said "The Valandre Shocking Blue is a very lightweight and technical sleeping bag with the best warmth to rate ratio in this category. Adding later, "The Valandre Shocking Blue is roomy and warm for its weight. The baffles allow for the down inside the bag to “puff” up, creating a very comfortable fit and feel. It has the most technical collar and hood on any bag I have tested and a foot box that allows me to point my large feet up into the air all make for a very comfortable sleeping bag."


Climb Faster and Safer with the Grivel Clepsydra

The Grivel Clepsydra Twin Gate Carabiner is a faster and safer locking carabiner; ideal for belaying and rappelling.

Faster because you don't have to waist time with a traditional screw-gate. Just open the outer gate to clip it or the inner gate to unclip it and you're done.

Safer because it's always locked. There is no locking mechanism that will get jammed or unlocked by accident. When both spring-loaded gates are closed, the carabiner is locked and secure.

The Clepsydra features a captive gate on the lower end that keeps the carabiner from cross loading when belaying or rappelling. This safety feature assures that the carabiner will be loaded on its major axis which can withstand more than twice the amount of force than when it's cross loaded on its minor axis (22kN vs. 9kN).

Watch this video to see the Grivel Clepsydra in action:


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Watch Edelweiss USA Athlete Cheyne Lempe on Baffin Island

Edelweiss USA athlete Cheyne Lempe came back from a trip to Baffin Island with a first ascent and a new outlook on adventure climbing. The trip started out as the fulfillment of a life long dream, but things quickly took a turn for the worse. Watch the short film "Haywire" to see the full story.

 Check out the full video here: https://vimeo.com/151439063


Gear Review: Grivel Apollo Harness

Climbing Magazine recently published a review of the Grivel Apollo Climbing Harness. Among other praises from those testing the product, they described it as a "Minimalist but functional design that offers a surprising amount of comfort. It is easy to adjust, pleasant to wear all day, and has a featherweight for a fully featured harness."

Read the full review here