Meet the Edelweiss USA Team

Edelweiss, the most reputable climbing rope manufacturer, has organized a team of USA climbers to represent the brand in the states as well as abroad. This solid group is made up of Kyle DempsterPamela PackHayden Kennedy, Scott Adamson, Cheyne Lempe,  Joe Mills, Scott Bennett, and Angela VanWiemeersch.

Edelweiss Athlete: Scott Bennett

Scott Bennett joins the Edelweiss USA Team.

Despite being born and raised in the flatlands of Michigan, and first getting a taste of rock climbing while at school in Ohio, Scott Bennett has always been drawn to the mountains. Family road trips to Devil's Tower, the Grand Tetons, and Yosemite left him with no doubt that, as soon as he had the chance, he'd be moving west.

Edelweiss Athlete: Joe Mills

Joe Mills joins the Edelweiss USA Team.

Joe Mills grew up in Dallas, Texas when rock climbing wasn’t even a part of his vocabulary. However, after moving to Colorado during his last year in high school he received an offer from a friend to learn the ropes of climbing. He took to it quickly with a new psych that made him excel quickly. Now Joe is flying up some of the hardest trad routes in Colorado and Utah.

Edelweiss Athlete: Angela VanWiemeersch

Angela VanWiemeersch joins the Edelweiss USA Team.

Angela VanWiemeersch grew up as a competitive ice skater in Detroit, Michigan where she danced across the horizontal ice until her late-teens. Following a few years as a fashion design major in college, Angela embarked on a life-changing bike tour that recalibrated her life. After selling all her fashion supplies, Angela hitchhiked, paddled, and sailed her way through all of North America from the Arctic Ocean to the Panama Canal.


Video: Joe Mills in The Black Canyon

Edelweiss athlete, Joe Mills has been getting after it in the Black Canyon. In this video, Joe shares his successes and trials on a 30-year old aid route he's working to free.


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