Avalanche Awareness For Ice Climbers

Ice climbers don't only need the knowledge to determine if the ice is safe enough to climb, they also need the skills that will keep them safe from avalanches. Along the approach or hiding high above the route, there might be an avalanche threat that could easily be avoided if you know how to identify the "red flags."


New Grivel Athlete: Hervé Barmasse

“Sometime ago I said that alpinism was failing, but today I say no, this is not true, because there are youngsters who’s thoughts are not focused only on rock climbing nor the ascent, they truly understand that alpinism is culture. Young alpinists as Hervé Barmasse.” --Reinhold Messner


High Alpine Sleeping Bag - Valandre Shocking Blue NEO

The new Shocking Blue NEO is now 4.4% lighter. The expedition oriented zipper (53” vs. 69”) and 32 precut anatomical baffles are what gives the Shocking Blue such favorable weight savings. The Shocking Blue NEO is a high quality four-season sleeping bag designed for cold weather expeditions at high altitude. Due to its compatibility with the Valandre Combi full-body down-suit and its relatively low weight, the Shocking Blue NEO has become a standard bag in the high camps of the big mountains.

Grivel Zen Alpine Backpack

The Grivel Zen 40 backpack is featured in Backpacker Magazine.


Singing Rock Harnesses - 2015/16 Collection

The new Singing Rock harnesses look good, feel great, and perform exceptionally. The new design and construction of these harnesses deliver better ergonomics and comfort, while also incorporating Singing Rock’s proprietary Rock&Lock buckles and B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) system.

Grivel Presents the Portland Alpine Festival

Grivel is the presenting sponsor of the Portland Alpine Festival, a weeklong celebration of mountain recreation in Portland, Oregon. Kicking off on Nov 17, 2015, the Portland Alpine Festival offers clinics, seminars, and a dry-tooling comp.


Early Season Ice Climbing

Nathan Smith on an October ascent of Golden Spike WI4 M5, Uintas, Utah.

Don't wait for the ice to come to you, go chase it down. Nathan Smith, Liberty Mountain employee and author of the Utah ice climbing guide, Beehive Ice, shares his tried and true tactics for jump starting the ice climbing season: