New Singing Rock Harnesses for Spring/Summer 2015

During the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Summer Show, we hosted the North American unveiling of Singing Rock’s new line of climbing harnesses for Spring/Summer 2015.


Sleek and Comfortable Climbing Harnesses

Climbing Magazine announced that the new Beal Rebel harness is one of the five most comfortable all-around harnesses…“Best Seats in the House.”


The Pains of Projecting

Who out there LOVES projecting? I mean, REALLY LOVES projecting?

Paul Robertson on Fantasy Island (5.14b) in American Fork Canyon, UT.
Photo by Benjamin Eaton.


Things To Consider For Alpine Climbing

Beal athlete, Jewell Lund shares some tips on making any alpine experience a better one.

Base camp was a smorgasbord of gear: cams, ice screws, ropes and harnesses set out.  My clothing that I had ‘washed’ was hanging up to dry on a piece of cord strung between my skis.  This was a move for morale: I couldn’t do another long day in those long johns without trying to wash some of the sweat out.  Time now to decide what food to bring, and then fit it all into a pack.

A base camp smorgasbord. What to bring?
Photo by Chantel Astorga


How to Climb the Yosemite Triple Crown in Under 24 Hours

Edelweiss athlete, Cheyne Lempe recently completed the Yosemite Triple Crown with Dave Allfrey in 22 hours 59 minutes, making them the third pair of climbers to ever complete a one-day linkup of Yosemite’s biggest walls. Photos courtesy of Cheyne Lempe.


Exposed: Hayden Kennedy

You’ve heard of his amazing ascents in Pakistan, Patagonia, and even Indian Creek. You’ve seen the videos, headlines, and photos. But do you really know the person behind the name?

We’ve asked Edelweiss athlete, Hayden Kennedy to step off the rock and expose who he really is, what makes him tick, and to share some personal things about himself.