Editor’s Choice Award - Grivel Tech Machine

The new Grivel Tech Machine ice tool received the Editor’s Choice Award from Climbing Magazine. The Tech Machine handles any type of terrain with great all-around performance, from all day ice to alpine mixed lines to single-pitch pillars.

The Tech Machine's geometry delivers a great swing, clears bulges and cauliflowers, and provides stable hooking on both ice and rock. Solid placements come easily, even when the ice gets unruly.

Steve House, a world-renowned alpinist, mountain guide, and book author, has been using the Tech Machines for a while now and had this to say about the new tools: “The ergonomics, weight distribution, and the excellent Ice Picks that come with the Tech Machine make it my go-to tool for everyday ice and mixed climbing; truly a great all-around tool that works really well on everything from WI3 to M9.”

The Tech Machine comes standard with the interchangeable Machine-Ice blade that is tapered at the tip (3mm) for easy penetration in any type of ice.  The optional Machine-Mix blade, tapered down to 4.2mm, accepts all sorts of “normal abuse” while hooking and steining on the rock and ice. The Machine-Mix blade has the option of attaching a hammer or adze in the back. Both the Ice and the Mix blades are made using hot forged steel that offers amazing durability, even when torqueing in the cracks on mixed terrain.

The Tech Machine features a dual density handle with multiple grip options, allowing you to shake out when pumped or choke up to get an extended reach. The “Cyclops eye” on the head of the axe allows for easy racking on ice clippers, carabiners, or with most other racking methods.

The Tech Machine is T-rated, weighs 23.2oz (660 grams), is 19.29 inches (49cm) long, and retails for $249.95. Outfit yourself with an award winning tool by visiting your nearest Grivel dealer today and grab a pair of the Grivel Tech Machine.

The Tech Machine is part of Grivel’s new line of Machine ice tools that also include the Machine 3.0 and Light Machine.

The new Grivel Machine ice tools hit the U.S. market at the beginning of the 2014/2015 ice season and made their debuts at many of the ice climbing festivals around the U.S. Keep an eye out for them and give them a try.

Grivel is one of the many brands exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Liberty Mountain. Visit LibertyMountain.com or contact the Liberty Mountain Sales Team to become a Grivel dealer today.

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