Grivel G20 Crampons

The Grivel G20 crampons were featured in the December 2012 issue of Elevation Outdoors. In their series of gear guides filled with game changing gear, they praised the G20 crampons for being the top performing crampon to up anyone's game on ice and mixed routes.

The Grivel G20 crampons are 100% technical, reliable, and efficient; the perfect tool for advanced ice and mixed climbing. Weighing in at less than 800 grams per pair, the G20 crampons are the LIGHTEST IN THE WORLD. The G20 is a highly adjustable crampon that provides a precise fit at the toe and heel areas, as well as in two locations along the middle of the foot. With a total of 13 points, the G20 has four vertical spikes on the heal, three vertical spikes along the middle of the foot, four opposing spikes at the balls of the feet, and a  mono-spike backed up with a mini spike at the toe.

Main Features
MONO-RAIL: The patented MONO-RAIL provides ice penetration power and increases climbing efficiency. The MONO-RAIL is a hot drop forged toe spike that runs from the toes to the middle of the foot where it connects with the Twin Regulator Bar. The Mono-Rail toe spike delivers a solid kick by reducing any bounce against the ice.

Cramp-o-matic Binding System: A well-known system that relies on a nylon speed lever in the rear and a stainless steel front bale to hold the boot. Quick to put on, these bindings are perfect for plastic mountaineering boots that have a rigid sole and substantial heel and toe welts. The front and rear bales respectively have three and two adjustable positions that provide a customized fit.

Twin Regulation Bar: The G20 utilizes the Twin Regulation Bar that reduces the empty pocket of space between the crampon and the boot’s instep. It also allows the crampon to be folded for storage and provides an additional adjustment point along the middle of the foot.

The Molletta: The Molletta is Grivel’s new rear spring that makes it easier and more ergonomic to regulate the length of the crampon.

Anitbott: Grivel’s patented Antibott is a flexible sheet that prevents snow build-up beneath the crampon. This pro-active dynamic system simply ejects the snow that builds up while walking on the snow; works every time in all situations.

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