Meet the Edelweiss USA Team

Edelweiss, the most reputable climbing rope manufacturer, has organized a team of USA climbers to represent the brand in the states as well as abroad. This solid group is made up of Joe Mills, Pamela Pack, Scott Adamson, Kyle Dempster, Heyden Kennedy, Angela VanWiemeersch, Scott Bennett, Cheyne Lempe.

Keep an eye out for these climbers as they take climbing to a new level. Visit this blog often to hear more about the vertical exploits of these climbers.

Over the last 220 years, Edelweiss has established a rock-solid reputation as the premier manufacturer of climbing ropes. Edelweiss has earned this reputation by continuous innovation of every step of the manufacturing and design process to produce the most specialized and safest ropes. The combination of innovation, technology and performance characteristics have made Edelweiss the most respected name in climbing ropes today.

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