Edelweiss Athlete - Cheyne Lempe

Cheyne Lempe is one of those hybrid climber-videographer fellows. Most of the time he has a harness on his waist and a camera in his pack to go climb the world. Other times he’s uploading a fresh new video to Vimeo while concocting a new climbing adventure in his head.

Cheyne likes the big walls. Patagonia and Yosemite are his playgrounds. Although he has only been climbing since 2008, Cheyne has really gotten after it by putting a proud collection of ascents under his belt. Cheyne is also working on giving back to the climbing community by being a part of the Yosemite Search and Rescue team and interning with the Yosemite climbing rangers.

Video production is a passion for Cheyne and he does it well. At times his desire to both climb and document his experiences gets all tangled and he can’t choose one over the other. However, he does a great job with his video work and has marveled the masses with his talent for capturing the moment.

Cheyne grew up in the suburbs of Aurora, CO where he was introduced to climbing in his high school’s adventure education class. While jamming out to hip-hop, he likes to dedicate a bit of time to cook himself a delectable meal. Even though he eats the nasty climbers’ grub on the wall, you know that in the kitchen he has finer tastes and a talent to dine like a king.

Follow his adventures on his website: www.cheynelempe.com


  • Established the longest route in Patagonia, The North Pillar Sit Start, 2000m
  • Youngest person to solo in a day (19:07 hours) The Nose in Yosemite Valley
  • Made the first ascent of Manos Al Cielo, 500m on Patagonia’s Aguja Giullamet
  • Soloed Lurking Fear on El Captain in Yosemite in 19:28 hours

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