Scott Adamson Takes 2nd in Vail

In February I got invited to the Winter Mountain Games in Vail, CO to compete in their mixed climbing event. At first I was a bit skeptical about the whole event. I’ve never really been a competitive climber. Most of my climbing is in the hills with nobody around. My buddy told me, "Just show up and climb you will enjoy it. Its a fun event with fun people." So instead of heading up to climb in the famous amphitheater cave, which was the initial plan, I headed into town to test my abilities on an artificial wall.

©Ryan Vachon

©Ryan Vachon
©Ryan Vachon
I put on my favorite jeans and t-shirt and tied in. Sure enough, I ended up experiencing some of the wildest and most fun climbing that I’ve done—on plastic and foam of course. It was a really high-energy event, mainly from all the stoke presented from the competitors and spectators. Surprisingly I made it through to the final round and took second. On the podium, I remembered thinking before it began that if I don’t do well I’m at least getting in a nice workout. I ended up climbing that wall 14 times.


Scott Adamson is an Edelweiss and Grivel athlete. Read more about Scott here.

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