Grivel Update: UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour

The UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour is coming to a close with its final competition being held this weekend on March 8-10 in Kirov, Russia. The athletes that make up the Grivel Reparto Corse team have done an amazing job at dominating the podiums.

Angelika Rainer (ITA) and Maria Tolokonina (RUS) are currently possessing the number one and two spots in the Female Overall Lead division. On top of that, Tolokonina is also situated in the number one spot in the Female Overall Speed division.

Maxim Tomilov (RUS), Alexey Tomilov (RUS), and Nikolay Kuzovley (RUS) have also positioned themselves in the top 5 of the Male Overall Lead division.

The stoke is high and the predictions are being made as to who will not only win in Russia, but who will take the podium as the overall winners of the tour. From the looks of it, the Grivel Reparto Corse team has a very good chance at taking it.

The following videos are highlight reels from the previous comps in the tour:

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