Shingo Ohwaka in Pakistan

This photo gallery features Grivel athlete, Shingo Ohkawa during is 2012 trip to Pakistan. Click on any of the photos to see them all in a large photo slideshow.

Shingo Ohkawa on the ridge traverse leading to the summit of Naisa.  "In the background, you can see our next objective, the obvious right-facing dihedral on the tower just right of center, which we referred to as 'Ali" Brakk, in honour of our favorite cook."

Left Photo: Shingo Ohkawa gasping for breath at 5,000 meters. "This was our their first route in the Charakusa, the British Route on Naisa Brakk, which we repeated after a week at base camp--I was sick with the 'Pakistani CRUD.'"

Middle Photo: Shingo Ohkawa following the first pitch on an attempt to climb K7 West's Fourth Pillar.  "This try ended soon thereafter, when Erin Wilson dislodged a block onto the lead line."

Right Photo: Shingo Ohkawa on the 'mother splitter of all splitters." "I had just overcome another bout with my intestinal parasite, and after five days of pure agony, I felt well enough to join Jesse on this FA."

Shingo Ohkawa at the hanging belay, just after freeing the crux pitch of the very last route they climbed in the Charakusa, on the Second Pillar of K7 West.  "It was a perfect day, followed by an epic descent--we got our ropes stuck probably seven times and with four more rappels left to reach the bivy ledge, had to chop our lead line.  We were OVER re-leading difficult pitches in the dark, and as you can see, it was a clear, cloudless day--a freezing cold night!"  Photo by Jesse Mease, 2012.

Left Photo: Shingo Ohkawa at the base of another new line, this time, on the Iqbal Wall.  "We were in a rush when this was taken, as legions of ominous-looking clouds could be seen to the south, beyond Drifika Peak.  After six pitches, we found ourselves in the middle of a lightning storm--I even captured the moment lightning first struck on video--and so, decided to bail a mere 10 or so meters from the summit."

Right Photo:  "Jesse and I at the passenger drop-off in front of SLC International Airport, ready to bid our ladies farewell and board the first of three flights that would take us to Islamabad.  Those Grivel haulbags worked great for lugging all our junk to Pakistan and back--they're still in great shape!"


Shingo Ohkawa is a Grivel athlete and a Salt Lake Valley resident.
Image spread from the 2013 Liberty Mountain Climbing catalog. View it here.

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