Lightweight Climbing Helmet - Singing Rock Penta

The Singing Rock Penta is an extremely lightweight climbing helmet that is super-comfortable and fully ventilated. Weighing in at 205 grams, the Penta is one of the lightest climbing helmets on the market. The low-profile design of the Penta provides maximum head protection without all the weight and bulk and is ideal for all types of climbing.

The Penta is constructed with an expanded polystyrene (EPS foam) inside and a polycarbonate (PC shell) outside, keeping things light without sacrificing durability and impact-absorption. The 11 ventilation windows provide amazing airflow around the head while the removable and washable padding on the inside does a stellar job at managing sweat. The Penta is equipped with four easy-to-use headlamp clips that make attaching a headlamp to the helmet a cinch, even when the helmet is still on your head.
The main feature that set’s this helmet apart from other lightweight helmets is the all-webbing harness system. Without the usual bulky and uncomfortable plastic parts at the back of the helmet, the Penta uses soft nylon webbing to comfortably secure the helmet onto your head and to eliminate unwanted pressure points. The flexible nature of the nylon webbing creates a harness system that is practically indestructible and extremely packable when cramming it into a backpack. The nylon webbing also provides a bit more breathability and sweat management around the lower parts of the head.

The Singing Rock Penta has a 20”-23.5” size range and is available in four colors: white, blue, grey, and red. The Penta retails for $89.95, making it the economical choice amongst other lightweight helmets. CE certified. 

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