Denali Diamond All-Female Ascent - Jewell Lund

©Jewell Lund

Beal athlete Jewell Lund and Chantel Astorga completed the first all-female ascent of the Denali Diamond headwall (VI 5.9 A3/M6 A1 WI5+) on Denali, Alaska. After returning home, Jewell sent us the following message:

"I just flew back from the Alaska Range where I spent the last month with partner Chantel Astorga.  We had the privilege in the last week or 2 to climb the Denali Diamond on the southwest face, taking 4 1/2 days to get to the summit and completing Denali's first all-female Grade 6 route.

The route includes about 3,700' of sustained technical climbing, to the grade M6 A1 WI5+.  This is then topped off with 4,000' of snow and ridge climbing (connecting with the Cassin at about 18,000') to the summit.  We did the lower face up to 18,000' in 2 30-hour pushes and then the upper portion in an afternoon.

This year we found a whole lot of sustained rock climbing on beautiful golden granite, and the whole outing was one of the greatest adventures I've been on. The progression of Chantel and I as individual climbers as well as a partnership is something that inspires us both and continues to take us to some of the most beautiful places we've been. There is a lot of laughter, trust and hard work in this partnership, as well as a lot of talk of future goals."

Read the full report on Alpinist.com.

©Jewell Lund

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