Video: Adam Ondra attempts Dreamcatcher

When Beal athlete, Adam Ondra arrived in Squamish, it wasn't a surprise to see him beeline it to the Cacodemon boulder to try and flash Dreamcatcher (5.14d).

Flashing Dreamcatcher has been a long-time dream for Ondra. However, he did not get the send. Watch the video here.
"It was still a little humid, I fell in the third boulder in the finger slots due to grabbing the wrong part of the crack, but I would definitely have fallen off the very top anyways. Just was not strong enough at that moment."  --Adam Ondra, UKC
Dreamcatcher has seen three ascents so far by Chris Sharma, Sean McColl, and Ben Harnden. Ondra's flash attempt would have been the fourth ascent and first flash ascent. Let's hope that he finds time to try the route again to get the redpoint.

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