Video: Brazil's First V15 - Felipe Camargo

Back in July of 2014, Singing Rock athlete Felipe Camargo made the first ascent of Brazil's first V15 boulder problem, Fortaleza. Fortaleza remained a project for over 12 years until Felipe topped out on it from bottom to top. The boulder sits right next to the ocean in Ubatuba, Brazil which makes for some stunning scenery yet unpredictable conditions.

" It took me like 4 one week trips to figure out the moves and finish it. This last time, the only one in the winter with good conditions! So I'm not so sure about the grade. It always felt really hard for me except for when I sent. Conditions are as good as it can get here right now. What I'm sure is that it is at least V14...but I think is significantly harder than everything else I've done so it could be V15." --Felipe Camargo

Read Felipe's interview with DPM Climbing by clicking here.

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