Grivel G10 and 360 Featured in Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker Magazine featured the Grivel G10 crampon and 360 ice screw in their Fall/Winter 2013 Gear Guide.

Grivel G10 Crampon
“[Grivel] updated its classic G10 mountaineering spikes with a more secure heel spring called the Moletta.”

“The Moletta is completely tool-free and easier to adjust than other spring-pin systems I’ve used.”

The Grivel G10 crampon is a lightweight, universal crampon. The G10 is designed to meet the classical demands of general mountaineering. It is perfect for ski touring, trekking, glacier travel, and for women and children (whose small boots don't require many points underneath them).

The G10 now features the new Moletta. The Moletta is a new anti-lift fit adjustment system. The adjustment is now completely locked down by the boot heal and cannot inadvertently lift up while in use. Moreover, the G10’s chromolly steel is now dressed with a clear coating and new plastic parts are being used for a better fit on modern boot designs.

The G10 crampon is fully adjustable by hand, without tools and one size fits all. The G10 includes the world's only active-anti balling system, called the Antibott. The Antibott actively clears away snow from under your foot with each step for maximum traction and security when you need it most. The Antibott is patented by Grivel.

  • Weight: 820 grams 29 oz
  • Materials: Chromoly steel
  • Size: 36-47 (Women's 5.5 to Men's 14)
  • Active Antibott included
  • CE and UIAA Certified
  • MSRP: $129.95  Dealer Site | Retail Site

Grivel 360 Ice Screw
“Grivel has modified the 3-inch long, foldable hanger so the screws nest better and the new hanger is considerably easier to clip.”

“The teeth are about 25 percent longer. This made me less likely to drop the screw in precarious spots while holding it in place for my first turn.”

The updated Grivel 360 ice screw is one of the fastest placing screws in the world. In situations where safety depends on speedy screw placements (crevasse rescue or steep ice) the 360’s sharp bite and easy starting are quite reassuring.

When obstructions of rock or ice prevent a normal fixed hanger’s rotation, the 360’s handle may be lifted away from the surface and turned freely. The 360’s super-slick finish makes it very difficult for ice to clog its core. The 360’s efficiency makes it possible to place a screw where and when you want to, not just where and when you are able to.

The new 360 has a new hanger design which allows for easy racking of multiple 360 screws and maintains its fast placement design. Another update to this famous screw is a new tooth design for even faster setting. The teeth are cut longer. Longer teeth penetrate the ice deeper on the first attempt and set the screw when the climber may be most vulnerable to falls. Set it once and start drilling in for quick climbing. The new tooth design is also included on the Helix Screw and Speedy Screw designs.

As a Grivel standard, the 360 ice screw is engineered with reverse threads. Reverse threads provide the best holding power of any screw on the market because of its outward force distribution in the event of a fall.
  • Weight: 12CM – 156 grams/5.5oz
  • Weight: 16CM – 179 grams/6.3oz
  • Weight: 20CM – 203 grams/7.1oz
  • CE Certified (16 and 20 CM
  • MSRP: $69.95  Dealer Site | Retail Site

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