Beal Tiger 10mm Unicore Featured in Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker Magazine featured the Beal Tiger 10mm Unicore dynamic climbing rope in their Fall/Winter 2013 Gear Guide.

“[The Beal Tiger] inspired extra confidence, said one tester after taking it up high on the multi-pitch climb. I had not worries on this thing cutting and exposing the core if I blew it and fell.”

“Testers lauded the rope’s handling—no kinks when brand new—and said it belayed smoothly through all devices.”

The Beal Tiger 10mm UNICORE makes for a seamless transition into the world of thin-rope-climbing. Avid sport and trad climbers revere the Tiger as an ideal rope for projecting. Its light and fluid action deceives all thick-diameter-stereotypes. With Beal’s UNICORE technology, the sheath and core are permanently bonded together to eliminate sheath slippage and improve performance and safety.

STRONG POINTS: Unicore • Compatible with all semi-automatic belay devices • Abrasion and water resistant with Golden Dry or Dry Cover • Easy to clip and nice to handle.

  • Weight: 61 g/m
  • Impact Force: 7.6 kN
  • UIAA Falls: 7
  • CE and UIAA Certified – Single Rope
  • Unicore
  • Dry Treatments Available: Dry Cover and Golden Dry
  • Black Limit middle mark
  • Available Lengths: 50m, 60m, 70m
  • Available Colors: Fuschia, Green, Blue, Anis, Orange
  • MSRP: $189.95-$299.95  Dealer Site | Retail Site

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