Keeping Things Light With The Cypher Mydas

Cheyne Lempe, notorious for always being on a big wall, shares his thoughts about the Cypher Mydas carabiner.

"For some, a climbing-equipment-weight-reduction obsession may seem slightly ridiculous on single-pitch climbs or shorter length routes.  However, I have learned from climbing first ascents in Patagonia and solo big-wall pushes in Yosemite that the energy spent carrying excess weight for an extended amount of time is significant. The weight that I save while using the Cypher Mydas wire gate carabiner allows me to push myself higher, harder, and faster.

The two main factors that I use when deciding which carabiners to use are weight and clip-a-bility. Weighing in at 24 grams with a strength rating of 23kn, the Mydas is one of the lightest carabiners on the market. The spring tension of the gate is easy to clip, yet is stiff enough to prevent an accidental opening of the gate. The overall size is just big enough so that you won't fumble with gloves on."

--Cheyne Lempe

Photos © Austin Siadak.
See more of his work at http://austinsiadak.blogspot.com/

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