Singing Rock Guru Harness Featured In Climbing Magazine

When searching for the ideal climbing harness that caters to almost everything, Climbing Magazine canceled their search after finding the Singing Rock Guru harness.

In their September 2013 issue, they labeled the Singing Rock Guru as the “Awesome All-arounder.” They were impressed with its ability to fully adjust to “fit several body types and sizes with complete comfort.” One tester said that he hung in the Guru for over 30 minutes to take pictures and didn’t experience any pain. Climbing Magazine said that its “bargain basement price” of $50 is possibly the best part about the harness.

The innovative lightweight construction of the Singing Rock Guru gives it a waist belt and leg loops that provide maximum support and comfort. The waist belt and leg loops are made of EVA foam on the inside and PES fabric on the outside. The perforated EVA foam inside the waist belt and leg loops, with 5mm diameter holes, increases the comfort and breathability of the harness while the breathable and high-abrasion-resistant PES fabric keeps the harness from getting ripped to shreds on the sharpest of rocks. In wet or sweaty conditions, moisture is dissipated from the mesh material on the inside of the harness. Around the Guru’s waist belt, the laced technical textile increases the overall rigidity and abrasion resistance.

The three Rock&Lock buckles at the waist and on the leg loops make that Guru a fully adjustable harness that can be put on and removed while still wearing boots, crampons, and even skis. The Rock&Lock buckles make it so that the harness can be quickly and safely adjusted without having to double-back. Singing Rock’s BMI adjustment system provides a customized fit around the waist while keeping the buckle and waist strap together. The Guru features two slots for additional carabiner PORTERS.

The Guru harness has reinforced tie-in points, using PAD webbing, to increase the safety on the part that receives the most abrasive wear. The Guru features 4 braided gear loops with a load capacity of 5kg each. The Guru’s rear haul loop in the back of the waist belt has a load capacity of 30 kg. The 15kN belay loop is that of a different color from the rest of the harness to ensure proper tie-in and attachment while climbing. For added safety, the Guru harness has a fixed bridge between the leg loops in case of an improper tie-in. Plastic buckles in the back allow the adjustable elastic strap that connects the leg loops to the waist strap to be conveniently disconnected.

  • Weight: 416 grams
  • Number of buckles: 3
  • Ergonomic design: innovative construction of the leg loops
  • New innovative Rock&Lock buckles
  • Reinforced tie-in points
  • Padded waist belt and leg loops: breathable PES fabric with high abrasion resistance + EVA 5mm diameter perforated foam, + 3D fabric
  • Slot for additional carabiner PORTER for racking ice screws
  • Trimmed technical textile increasing the waist belt rigidity
  • BMI system
  • Gear loops: 4
  • CE and UIAA Certified

The Singing Rock Guru is available at your nearest Singing Rock dealer and on www.libertymountainclimbing.com.

If your store desires to carry the Singing Rock Guru, you can purchase it at www.libertymountain.com or contact your sales rep.

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