Gear Review: Valandre Shocking Blue Neo

The outdoor gear experts at Gear Institute recently published a review of the Valandre Shocking Blue Neo sleeping bag. During a 12 night trip in the Ozark Mountains, the reviewers used the bag in temperatures well below freezing and were able to gain a pretty good understanding of exactly what the bag can handle. 

In the review, they said "The Valandre Shocking Blue is a very lightweight and technical sleeping bag with the best warmth to rate ratio in this category. Adding later, "The Valandre Shocking Blue is roomy and warm for its weight. The baffles allow for the down inside the bag to “puff” up, creating a very comfortable fit and feel. It has the most technical collar and hood on any bag I have tested and a foot box that allows me to point my large feet up into the air all make for a very comfortable sleeping bag."

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