Climb Faster and Safer with the Grivel Clepsydra

The Grivel Clepsydra Twin Gate Carabiner is a faster and safer locking carabiner; ideal for belaying and rappelling.

Faster because you don't have to waist time with a traditional screw-gate. Just open the outer gate to clip it or the inner gate to unclip it and you're done.

Safer because it's always locked. There is no locking mechanism that will get jammed or unlocked by accident. When both spring-loaded gates are closed, the carabiner is locked and secure.

The Clepsydra features a captive gate on the lower end that keeps the carabiner from cross loading when belaying or rappelling. This safety feature assures that the carabiner will be loaded on its major axis which can withstand more than twice the amount of force than when it's cross loaded on its minor axis (22kN vs. 9kN).

Watch this video to see the Grivel Clepsydra in action:


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