New Grivel Athlete: Hervé Barmasse

“Sometime ago I said that alpinism was failing, but today I say no, this is not true, because there are youngsters who’s thoughts are not focused only on rock climbing nor the ascent, they truly understand that alpinism is culture. Young alpinists as Hervé Barmasse.” --Reinhold Messner

Beginning this year, Hervé Barmasse--the brave and strong alpinist from Italy's Aosta Valley--is now a member of the Grivel family.

“Between Hervé and Grivel there is a strong friendship. He's been using our gear since the beginning but now the collaboration is official and we are extremely happy about it. We strongly value Hervé’s experience to improve our products even more. We hope that this existing bond between generations of two families, the Grivel family and the Barmasse family, both with a strong passion for the mountains, continues between our young ones with the same strength and dedication that it always has. “ says Gioachino Gobbi of Grivel.

Hervé tells us, “My father gave me a pair of Grivel crampons in 1997. It was February and I used them to climb the Matterhorn. It was winter and it was one of the most important days of my life because on this day I decided that alpinism was going to be my future. I still have those crampons, next to my first ice axes, ice screws and a lot of other Grivel equiment  that has accompanied me on many mountains during these years. Today it’s a special day because we are making this bond official, a recognition of trust and esteem that has linked us forever.”

In this video, we follow Hervé on his adventure to do some winter ascents in Patagonia.

To learn more about Hervé Barmasse visit his website by clicking here.


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