Grivel Athletes Dominate The 2015 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup

Photo by Marco Servalli.
Now that the six-stage tour of the 2015 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup has come to an end, the World Cup Champions of 2015 have been named and four of them are Grivel Athletes:
  • Maxim Tomilov – 1st Place Overall Men Lead
  • Alexey Tomilov – 3rd Place Overall Men Lead
  • Angelika Rainer – 1st Place Overall Women Lead
  • Petra Klingler – 2nd Place Overall Women Lead
  • Nikolai Kuzovlev – 1st Place Overall Men Speed

At various stages of the World Cup Tour, Grivel athletes took their turns being honored on the podium for their amazing performances:

  • Maxim Tomilov – 1st place lead at Bozeman, 3rd place lead at Bozeman, 1st place lead at Cheongsong, 1st place lead at Saas-Fee, 1st place lead at Rabenstein, and 2nd place lead at Kirov
  • Angelika Rainer – 1st place lead at Saas-Fee, 2nd place lead at Rabenstein, and 1st place lead at Champagny
  • Petra Klingler – 3rd place lead at Saas-Fee, 3rd place lead at Rabenstein, 2nd place lead at Champagny, and 1st place lead in Kirov
  • Alexey Tomilov – 3rd place lead at Rabenstein, 3rd place lead at Champagny, and 3rd place speed at Champagny
  • Nikolai Kuzovlev – 1st place speed at Bozeman, 1st place speed at Cheongsong, and 1st place speed at Saas-Fee

The following video features highlight from the 4th stage in Rabenstein, Italy.

World Cup ice climbing is a unique sport and requires high performance tools to navigate through the mixed terrain that these competition walls dish out. All of the Grivel athletes, and a few other competition climbers, use the Grivel Reparto Corse Carbon Force tool. Created for the competition climbers and high-end mixed lines where the route is more rock than ice, the Carbon Force is the ultimate in hooking and dry-tooling performance. The Carbon Force’s shaft angle allows matching or changing grip anywhere on the shaft without the pick shifting. Grab a pair at a Grivel dealer near you.

Photo by Benjamin Eaton

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