Gear Giveaway: Omega Pacific Vulcan Quickdraws

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The Omega Pacific Vulcan quickdraws are a strong and lightweight option for high elevation pursuits and even projecting. The quickdraw weighs in at 2.5oz (72 grams) and holds a strength rating of 22kN. The quickdraw itself is made up of two Omega Pacific Vulcan Infinity Wiregate carabiners and a 4” Dyneema sling.

The hot-forged Vulcan carabiners are the strongest carabiners in the 32 grams-or-less weight class. They each weigh 1.2oz (31.9 grams) and have a strength rating of 26kN. They feature a full-size rope-bearing surface that reduces the wear on your rope after taking repeated falls; a feature that not many lightweight biners have. The shape and flow of the aircraft-grade aluminum Vulcan carabiner emphasizes easy clipping, minimizes rope drag, and reduces the chance of rotating within the Dyneema sling. It’s shape makes it very ergonomic and easy to handle while clipping, especially with gloves.

The hyper-light carabiner frame is paired with the revolutionary Infinity wiregate which is pinched in the middle to reduce the gate’s profile, giving it better performance. The wiregate is thinner than the overall carabiner frame, reducing the chances of accidental open-gate situations when the biner comes in contact with the rock.

With the Vulcan quickdraws, there is no reason why the weight of your rack should drain you of all your energy on the approach and during the climb. Lighten your load today and start climbing with the Omega Pacific Vulcan quickdraws.

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