2015 Mugs Stump Award

A collection of Beal, Edelweiss, and Grivel athletes have been honored as recipients of the 2015 Mugs Stump Award.

The Mugs Stump Award is given annually to climbers attempting alpine climbing objectives that exemplify fast, light and clean tactics. The awards are a tribute to the late Mugs Stump, one of North America’s most prolific and visionary climbers, who died in a crevasse fall in Alaska in May 1992.  [Source: MugsStumpAward.com]
Eleven different teams have been awarded grants that total $38,500 to pursue their groundbreaking alpine objectives. Among these teams are several athletes who are sponsored by Beal, Edelweiss, and Grivel:

Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas (Beal)

Revelation Mountains, Alaska Range, Alaska. Chris Thomas and Rick Vance will fly into the remote Revelation Mountains, in a southwesterly pocket of the Alaska Range, to attempt several new routes on its 8,000' and 9,000' peaks. "[T]o be honest, we were so excited about the huge number of options available in the relatively untapped Revelation mountain range that we couldn't pick just one," says Thomas. Their objectives include a first ascent of unclimbed Peak 9304 by its 4,000' southwest face; a new route on the steep and technical west face of Pyramid Peak (8,572'); and the first route up the runnel-streaked north face of Golgotha (8,940').  [Source: Alpinist.com]

Scott Adamson
Kyle Dempster

Scott Adamson (Edelweiss & Grivel)
Kyle Dempster (Edelweiss)

Latok I and Ogre II, Charakusa Valley, Pakistan. Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson will spend more than three months in the Karakoram next summer, attempting light and fast ascents of two storied alpine objectives: the North Face of Ogre II (6960m) and the North Ridge of Latok I (7145m). "An ascent of either will be a milestone for Karakoram climbing and its history," Dempster says. "It would also mark a personal achievement that would frame a lifetime of alpine pursuits." This trip will mark Dempster's third attempt on these two objectives.  [Source: Alpinist.com]

Angela Van Wiemeersch
Jewell Lund

Angela Van Wiemeersch (Edelweiss & Grivel)
Jewel Lund (Beal)

Svarog and Main Parus, Ashat Gorge, Kyrgyzstan. Jewell Lund and Angela Van Wiemeersch will pursue new routes on two 5000m peaks in the lesser-known Ashat Gorge, adjacent to the well-travelled Ak-Su and Karavshin valleys. They'll follow a narrow line of ice to the unclimbed summit of Svarog (ca. 5000m), and take one of several options up the intricate northwest face of Main Parus (5053m). [Source: Alpinist.com]

Scott Bennett
Scott Bennett (Edelweiss)

K6 Central, Nangma Valley, Pakistan. Young alpinists Scott Bennett and Graham Zimmerman will join veterans Mark Richey and Steve Swenson in pursuit of the unclimbed central summit (7100m) of the K6 massif. As two teams of two, they will skirt objective hazard by climbing a steep pillar that rises directly up the south face to the summit. For Bennett, "This expedition is not only an opportunity for a group of strong alpinists to visit a significant unclimbed objective, but also a fantastic opportunity for a sharing of knowledge between two generations of alpinists." [Source: Alpinist.com]

We wish and hope the best for these brave and talented athletes. May the mountains welcome them with open arms.

For the full list of Mugs Stump Award recipients, visit Alpinist.com for the full report.

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