Cheyne Lempe Sets New Speed Record In Yosemite

Cheyne Lempe, an Edelweiss USA athlete, sets another speed record in Yosemite.

At the not-so-ripe age of 22, Cheyne Lempe headed off alone to climb the Salathe Wall in a day. The result? Cheyne ended up rope-soloing the wall in 20 hours and 6 minutes; a new solo speed record. In fact, Cheyne is now the second person to have ever rope-soloed the Salathe Wall, and is definitely the youngest.

Photo by Cheyne Lempe. A self portrait on the Salathe Wall.

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This style of performance is definitely one of Cheyne’s trademarks. He’s a big-wall ninja and the following ascents have brought him closer to earning his big wall black belt.
Cheyne Lempe on The Nose. Photo by Tom Evans.

According to this video that Cheyne quickly put together from his time on the Salathe Wall, Cheyne is going to spend the rest of the season eating a lot of food and getting fat. Hopefully we’ll see him on the big walls soon.

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