Beal Aviator In Climbing Magazine

The Beal Aviator was featured in the September 2013 issue of Climbing Magazine and on Climbing.com.

Climbing Magazine labeled the Beal Aviator 10.2mm as the "Burly Workhorse."

"A solid workshorse rope for traddies, sportsters, and topropers. who are less concerned with weight. Trust this rope in every situation and know it won't have any kinking or fuzzing issues for a long time."

Read their full report on the rope here: http://www.climbing.com/gear/your-lifeline-5-new-ropes-for-sending-season/

The Beal Aviator is a phenomenal go-to single-rope for excessive sport climbing outside and in the gym. With the Dry Cover treatment, the Aviator is a long lasting rope due to its abrasion and water resistant properties. The Aviator feels compact and smooth in the hand while providing great performance on the rock.

 • Abrasion and water resistant with Dry Cover
 • Smooth handling
 • Long lasting rope
 • Conveniently priced

 • Weight: 65 g/m
 • Impact force: 8kN
 • UIAA falls: 7
 • CE and UIAA Certified - Single Rope
 • DC = Dry Cover

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