Pieps Clinics in Aspen

Pieps Clinic in Aspen


Advanced Training for Avalanche Beacons

You are cordially invited to attend an advanced beacon training seminar brought to you by Pieps Avalanche Beacons and LibertyMountain. These seminars will help you to better understand yourpersonal beacon and it will also educate you on the advancements of avalanche beacons over the past few years. These clinics will beroughly three hour training and education sessions. Pizza and refreshments will be provided for both clinics. Coffee and bagels will be provided at the morning clinic. Please bring your favorite beacon and appropriate clothing for cold weather. We are limiting attendance to 20 individuals per session so please RSVP as soon as possible.

We've added a second Aspen clinic to the schedule. Both clinics are stand alone presentations. If you can't make it to the clinic in the evening then please come to the morning clinic. It would be great to see you there! Location: Red Brick Recreation Center
Address: 110 East Hallam Street, Suite 135
Aspen, CO 81611

Date: Friday, January 8th

Times: Clinic #1: 9:00am -- 12:30pm
Clinic #2: 5:00pm -- 8:00pm

Presenter:Carl Pelletier, U.S. Pieps Specialist

Scheduled agenda: Clinic Begins 60 Minutes
Classroom Session: History and Evolution of Beacons Explanation of technical context, physical limits, etc. Defining and Explaining technical background terms such as Bandwith, Search Strip, Range, Drift, Alignment of antennas Mark and Scan among others.
110 Minutes Field Testing (approximate)
Analysis of benchmark tests with all beacons Range Testing (best case/worst case).
Deep Burial Scenario (impact of a third antenna) Multiple Burial Scenario (scan and mark features)Introduction of new technology
iProbe demonstration
Pieps Checker
30 degree plus digital inclinometer
10 Minutes Approximate End of Training Field Session Demonstrations.
Question and Answer Session
Free Firmware Updates & Diagnostics of Pieps Avalanche Beacons
Frequency Checks on all beacons

Costs: There will be no cost for the training (except for your journey). Pizza and refreshments will be providedfor all attendees.

Equipment: Bring proper clothing for the outside/on-snow session of the clinic. Please bring your beacon of choice. I will have most of the major beacons that are currently availablealong with fresh batteries, but I'd strongly encourage you to bring your beacon of choice. If you do have a Pieps DSP please bring it with you so we can run a diagnostic and update on the beacon.

RSVP: Carl Pelletier 800-366-2666 x:205 carlp@libertymountain.com

We are limiting attendance to 20 individuals per session so please RSVP as soon as possible.

Directions: The Red Brick Arts and Recreation Building is conveniently located in the Aspen Core. Take a left on Aspen Street off of Main Street at the first stop light (which is Aspen Street), go 2 blocks to the T intersection and the clinic will be located in the Red Brick Building.
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