The Pole With A Pick - Grivel Condor

The Grivel Condor is a trekking/ski-touring pole that offers an extra safety element, a pick.

The Grivel Condor is a trekking/ski-touring pole that offers an extra safety element for passing through technical terrain on snow and ice. The handle on the Condor is equipped with a retractable pick that can be extended or retracted with ease. The Condor really excels in the realm of technical ski mountaineering. With the pick extended, the Condor offers extra grip on sketchy traverses and provides emergency assistance during a self-arrest. The safety aspect of the Condor continues even when the pick is retracted, allowing the Condor to be packed, stored, or used in low-risk conditions without the pick getting in the way.

The Grivel Condor is a three-section pole that adjusts in length (84-135mm) using a twist-lock adjustment system. It weighs in at 15.8 oz (450 grams). The lower end features a Saturn basket that oscillates with the angle of the terrain and the upper end features the ergonomic handle and retractable hot-forged steel pick. A twist-action lock quickly and easily secures the pick in either its extended or retracted positions. The part of the handle that houses the pick when retracted doubles as a knuckle guard, protecting your hand when using the Condor for basic ice axe functions.

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Keep in mind that the Condor doesn’t replace an ice axe, moreover the Condor provides extra safety and convenience when an axe is not available.

The next time your head into the backcountry, grab a Condor or two and know that you’ll have the right tools for when you run into a sketchy situation.

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