Grivel Presents the 2014 Portland Alpine Festival

Zak Tollefson of Purple Bottle Media did an excellent job at capturing the action and energy at the Portland Alpine Festival--presented by Grivel--earlier this month. Check him out on Facebook and Instagram.

Our sales team was onsite representing Grivel as the presenting sponsor of the entire Portland Alpine Festival, along with Edelweiss providing top-tier support. With the new Grivel Tech Machine ice tools hitting the market this fall/winter, the festival attendees became some of the first to have ever experienced the new tools while they attended clinics and competed in the climbing comp.

©Portland Alpine Festival
Also representing Grivel at the festival was Grivel athlete, Aaron Mulkey. Aaron had a full schedule during the festival by teaching clinics, keynoting at seminars, and premiering his adventure film The Pursuit. His ability to share, teach, and demonstrate the skills needed to succeed in the mountains was received by the local climbing community as a huge contribution to the festival.

©Portland Alpine Festival
The Portland Alpine Festival fostered an atmosphere of adventure and education. With no ice in site--not necessary for the specialized clinics--everyone rallied around to learn, prepare, and become inspired for the upcoming winter climbing season. Events like these remind us why we live to play in the mountains.

Until next year...

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