For The Love Of Climbing - Anne Struble

Beal athlete, Anne Struble shares her list of her favorite climbing related tools that allow her to climb with comfort and convenience.

I’ve read many climbing blogs over the years but never written one. The ability of some climbers to continually create new and interesting content is impressive. It seems that pictures and controversial topics go a long way.

I did take 80 pictures while I climbed in Ceuse, France for 3 weeks this summer. Unfortunately, I only took shots of wildflowers, landscape panoramas, glider airplanes, laundry on clotheslines, and only three shots of the actual crags with no climbers in view. So I can’t rely on those photos to create a compelling climbing article.

In regards to controversial topics, I get in enough arguments with my coworkers to get me my fill of controversy--it’s amazing how heated things can get over the placement of a dialog box in a web user interface. So what should I write about? How about a favorites list? I have seen these often on food blogs (I love cooking), but not yet on a climbing blog.

In all of my climbing and traveling, I’ve come to cherish the comforts and conveniences of the following tools I use to climb and travel:

Weather Site: NOAA Point Forecast. Crucial for deciding whether it’s going to be a day at the Cathedral or Virgin River Gorge… or perhaps both.

Climbing Log: Sendage. I actually wrote my own climbing log program, but if I were to use an existing online app, this would be it.

Travel Reservations: Kayak or Google Flights. I spend too much time on both of these web sites scheming about future trips.

Climbing Rope: Beal Joker. It’s so light, I don’t notice it when I’m climbing and yet it catches me every time.

Chalk Bag: Beal Cocoon. As its description states, “an end to tediously undoing the traditional chalk bag closure system.” I really appreciate the ease of closing it. I no longer spill my chalk all over the place while brushing holds or taking off my shoes.

Climbing Brush: Lapis Boar’s Hair Brushes. There’s no reason to be using any other brush. Lapis brushes cover a lot of surface with their large heads and the boar’s hair doesn’t polish or damage the rock. If you’re caking up someone’s project with chalk, the polite thing to do is clean up after yourself.

iPhone App: Yoga Studio. Shout out to Katy Dannenberg and Dan Mirsky for introducing me to this one. This app is great for stretching out after a climbing session or run.

Non-Climbing Training Blog: Sweat Science. Summaries of interesting findings from actual scientific research on exercise science. General fitness is just as important as climbing fitness.

Crag Lunch Box: Sistema Lunch Cube. Slowly but surly, these are becoming the “next best thing” for eating real food at the crag, I’m pretty proud to be the originator of this trend. You can find these online or at Harmon’s and Bed Bath & Beyond. Packing real food without using 10 plastic baggies is no longer needed.

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