New Beal Rope is the Thinnest and Lightest Single-Rope

An exciting moment during the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show was the unveiling of Beal's new Spring/Summer 2015 climbing gear that included the lightest and thinnest triple-rated climbing rope...the Beal OPERA 8.5mm Unicore.

Weighing in at only 48 g/m and with a diameter of 8.5 mm, the Beal OPERA 8.5mm Unicore is the lightest and thinnest triple-rated rope (single, half, twin) on the market. It is the first single-rope to go below 50 g/m in weight and 8.5mm in diameter. The Opera has the lowest impact force (7.4kN) of any single-line that is 9mm or thinner. The Opera has been certified as a single, half, and twin, making it a very versatile rope. The OPERA is core-bonded with UNICORE, UIAA Water Repellent certified with GOLDEN DRY, and features Beal's THERMO FLUID treatment that stabilizes the sheath fibers to make the yarns more homogeneous.

During the trade show, Gear Institute awarded the Beal Opera with the BEST NEW GEAR award for its innovation and versatility.
Beal is also introducing the first alpine harness to be equipped with Recco Advanced Rescue Technology. While alpine climbing and ski mountaineering, the Beal MIRAGE harness, equipped with a Recco reflector, allows both ground and air rescue teams to accurately locate the climber/skier, year round, day and night. The Recco system is a simple technology that requires no maintenance, battery, or switch. The Recco has an infinite lifetime and its performance does not degrade over time.

Two new Beal helmets are being introduced, the IKAROS and MERCURY GROUP. The IKAROS is a hybrid helmet with a lightweight, highly ventilated ABS shell and an EPS foam liner. The IKAROS is micro-adjustable thanks to a precise adjustment dial and benefits from a magnetic chinstrap buckle. The MERCURY GROUP is a robust helmet with an ABS outer shell, designed for intensive use in a group environment such as on high ropes courses. The inner liner is suspended and easily adjustable with a strong and simple buckle. The MERCURY GROUP is designed to be durable and easy to wash.

Adding to the new line of Beal headlamps, the Beal L80 and FF150 headlamps offer multiple lighting options, including a solid/blinking LED mode while the FF150 is equipped with a battery gauge.

Keep an eye out for these hot new items this coming spring/summer. Contact your local Beal dealer about preordering these items so that you can be the "first kid on the block with the new toy."

If your retail shop would like to carry these items, contact the Liberty Mountain Sales team today and become a dealer.


More about Beal
Beal is the largest rope manufacturer in the world, making climbing ropes with the lowest impact force on the market. With indisputable technical advances in the production process of climbing ropes such as Unicore, Golden Dry, and Thermo Fluid, Beal leads the industry with their state of the art dynamic and static ropes.

More about Liberty Mountain
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