Gear Review: Cypher Ceres II

Climbing Magazine affirms that the Cypher Ceres II is a “maximum value carabiner.”

With all the gear that is out on the market, I love flipping through the pages of my favorite outdoor magazines to see what gear they consider to be noteworthy. In the July 2014 issue of Climbing Magazine, the new Cypher Ceres II carabiner was reviewed for being a “maximum value carabiner.”

They started off their review by saying that “the Ceres II maintains a light weight and light price, with a few extra features that make it a top-notch, all-around carabiner.”

Let’s take a second to go over these “few extra features” that they mentioned:

  • Bent Wire Gate: The quick and fluid action of the bent wire gate makes it easy to clip anything.
  • Color-Coding: With seven different color options, the Ceres II is the perfect racking biner for color-coding all the different sized cams on your trad rack.
  • Ribbed Spine: The subtle ribs along the outside of the spine provide a bit of extra grip while holding this small biner, even with gloves.
So what makes the Ceres II a “maximum value carabiner?” For starters, it’s only $6. Most of the time, these small, lightweight biners (30 grams or under) run for at least $8, reaching as high as $12. So for six bucks you get a small and light multi-color, bent wire gate biner that has awesome gate action, a ribbed spine, and hooded nose.

The moment these biners hit the market, I bought enough for all my cams, as well as a handful of Ceres II Alpine Draws. I am now sold on the whole color-coded trad rack thing, such a nice upgrade. Not only have I reduced the weight and size of my rack, I’ve made it more efficient by making it easier to find the right cam when I’m in a sketchy place on the wall.

The Ceres II biners have already proven their worth on two big walls in Zion, as well as a handful of local multi-pitch routes in the Wasatch Mountains. I’m definitely glad I upgraded my rack with these gems and would recommend them to all my climbing friends.

Hop on over to www.CypherClimbing.com to grab yourself some and to check out their selection of other climbing gear.

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