Little Cottonwood Canyon - Kermit's Wall

The vibrant colors of modern day climbing gear and clothing are speckling the northern slabs of Little Cottonwood Canyon right now. It seems as though the 2014 climbing season is in full swing...minus the random wet spots that pop up here and there.

The climbable rock in Little Cottonwood is vast and engulfing, but its accessible location to a largely populated valley makes it appear as a buzzing beehive riddled with climbers of all calibers. Little Cottonwood is definitely the climbers’ post-work gathering place in the Salt Lake Valley. It’s a regular site to see obsessed climbers hightailing it up to the canyon after punching out the typical nine-to-five shift to get a couple pitches in before nightfall.

Such was the case yesterday when a load of us, Liberty Mountain employees, invaded Kermit's Wall and the Perhaps Area to finish off the workday. With ropes hanging on routes such as: Paranoia Streak (5.10c R), Kermit's Wad (5.10a), Smitty's Wet Dream (5.9), Cranial Prophylactic (5.8), and The Green Adjective (5.9), our crew playfully heckled each other as we ran laps up the routes. The company of a few good co-workers was just enough to take the edge off of the daunting routes that made our knees quake and palms sweat.

Evenings like that aren’t rare. Our monthly employee climbing nights have proven to be a popular tradition amongst the Liberty Mountain family. Once a month, we gather as coworkers. We climb. We chat. We learn to trust one another. By the end of the night, we walk away as friends.

Do you have any work-place traditions at your job? We'd love to hear about them. Leave us a comment below and let us know what regular activities you and your coworkers do to boost morale. 

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