Alpine Mentors Opens Pacific Northwest Chapter

Alpine Mentors is getting a little brother: Alpine Mentors Pacific Northwest (AM-PNW).

AM-PNW is a partnership between Alpine Mentors and the Northwest Region of the American Alpine Club. Together they promote alpinism by encouraging, coaching, and climbing with technically proficient young alpinists who aspire to climb great mountains in a lightweight, low-impact style.

Steve Swenson joined Steve House, the founder of Alpine Mentors, on last year’s mentorship trip to Canmore, Canada. After two weeks of climbing around Canmore, Swenson was inspired to bring the same opportunities of mentorship to his home community in Seattle, Washington.

The AM-PNW is designed to operate on a two-year cycle where mentors help the group organize trips that advance their climbing skills with an eye towards being able to complete technical routes in the high mountains. Along the way we help connect them with different mentors from each area they visit. As always, the goal is not to build the best alpinists, but rather to help young climbers get the most from their climbing experience.

Apply now, through July 1, 2014, to join the AM-PNW. Please find all the details and prerequisites on the Alpine Mentors website. The first trip of AM-PNW will be in Squamish B.C. during late September.

Grivel and Liberty Mountain are a proud sponsors of Alpine Mentors. A program like this is worth supporting. Find out how you can contribute here.

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