Scott Adamson Listed Four Times On The Piolets d'Or Super Big List

Scott Adamson, an Edelweiss and Grivel athlete, has four of his 2013 ascents on the “Super Big List” to be considered for a Piolets d’Or award.

Alpinist.com reports that, “More than 70 ascents make up the Piolets d'Or's ‘Super Big List’ this year. The collection of 2013 climbs, compiled by Claude Gardien and Lindsay Griffin (editor-in-chief of Vertical and senior editor of the American Alpine Journal, respectively), will be evaluated by the jury against the Piolets d'Or Charter, which emphasizes style of ascent, commitment level, technical difficulty and "suitability of route in light of objective dangers," among other factors. George Lowe, Erri de Luca, Catherine Destivelle, Denis Urubko, Sungmuk Lim and Karin Steinbach make up this year's jury, charged with nominating up to six ascents from the ‘Super Big List.’”

In April of 2013, Scott Adamson and Pete Tapley climbed the first free route on the East face of the Mooses Tooth in Alaska. The ascent of NWS (V AI6 M5, 1400m) is listed on Pioletsdor.com as such:
“Scott Adamson and Pete Tapley climbed NWS towards the right side of this 1,500m face at AI6 and M5, in the process making the first free route on this impressively steep wall. They stopped on the summit plateau.”
On the same trip, Scott Adamson teamed up with Chris Wright to make the first ascent of Terror (VI WI6 M7 R/X A2) on the east face of the Mooses Tooth. The ascent of Terror is listed on Pioletsdor.com as such:
“Another route of sustained technical difficulty of similarly high order, Terror (1,500m, WI6 M7 R/X A2), was climbed by Scott Adamson and Chris Wright (who walked across to the summit).”
Read more about these ascents on Alpinist.com.

In October of 2013, Scott Adamson and Chris Wright made the first ascents of Pangbuk North and Lunag West in the Lunag Group of Nepal. Pioletsdor.com lists both ascents as such:
“Scott Adamson and Christopher Wright made the first ascent of the previously attempted and now newly named Pangbuk North in the Lunag Group. The pair climbed directly up the northeast face: Purgation (1,100m, VI WI6+ M6) had two crux pitches of rotten ice and overhanging rock through the headwall.” 
“First ascent of this peak in the Lunag Group by Scott Adamson and Chris Wright prior to their ascent of Pangbuk North. The pair climbed the southeast face; Open Fire (1,000m, V WI5 M3).”
Read the details on these two ascents on Climbing.com.

The anticipation builds as we all wait for the jury to pick the six ascents that will receive the highly esteemed Piolets d’Or award. We commend Scott Adamson and his climbing partners for their hard work, skills, and talents during these ascents.

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