New Ice Climbing Film: The Pursuit

"The Pursuit film takes you into the mind of Aaron Mulkey and his pursuit of mother nature's greatest watery treasures. Interviews with his friends reveal that true adventure awaits those who choose to pick up the phone when he calls. With over 100 first ascents of frozen waterfalls and nearly 20 first descents of rivers and creeks around the world, Aaron Mulkey has proven he is not afraid to walk a little farther to explore unknown places."

Join us at the Ouray Ice Festival for the World Permier of Aaron Mulkey's new film The Pursuit. With Aaron's enjoyable personality and tenacious passion for ice climbing, this film is going to leave you breathless.

Aaron Mulkey, a Grivel and Beal athlete, hails from Wyoming and lives with a strong belief that not everything has been tapped. He is constatly snagging first ascents because he is willing to explore and stalk the lines that sit outside of most people's radars.

Enjoy the trailer.

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