One Giant Climbing Party - Idaho Mountain Festival

There we were, kicking it with over 250 people at Castle Rock State Park. Hundreds of tents lay scattered across the grass while the gorgeous granite domes loomed over us from behind. In the morning we were fed and educated. During the day we climbed. In the evenings we were fed and entertained, only to repeat the pattern the next day.


Last weekend, we represented Edelweiss, Singing Rock, Cypher, and Grivel as sponsors of the 2nd annual Idaho Mountain Festival at Castle Rocks State Park and City of Rocks National Reserve in southern Idaho. During this four-day climbing and trail running event, we showcased gear from all four brands, sold some gear, conducted some fun prize-winning contests, and demoed Singing Rock harnesses. Our demo fleet of Singing Rock harnesses got put to good use during the festival as the attendees snatched up every single one for a day of climbing.

Cheyne Lempe, an Edelweiss athlete, was even present to teach two workshops. Cheyne sat down with 20 people on both Saturday and Sunday morning to talk about and show them how to be more efficient at multi-pitch climbing. His instruction and visual aids captured the “students” and provided them with a fulfilling experience.

Some of the highlights at the festival were the Edelweiss Rodeo Clipping Contest, Singing Rock Obstacle Course, Grivel Ice Axe Pull-up Contest, and the Cypher History Quiz. Amongst all the hooting and hollering, people found themselves twirling around a rope like a cowboy, stumbling around with a weighted basket dangling from their harness, and screaming as they fought for one more pull-up.

In conclusion, the event was a huge success. Not only were the attendees exposed to the Edelweiss, Singing Rock, Cypher, and Grivel brands, they were able to interact with the gear in various fun ways. We were very happy to have contributed to the event by providing engaging activities for everyone to enjoy.

Here's a little smash-up video of the Edelweiss Rodeo Clipping Contest:

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