Beal Athlete - Justin Wood

Justin Wood has recently signed on as a Beal sponsored athlete. Be it with a crash pad or a rope, he's hitting the rock hard and making things happen.

Justin Wood is a Salt Lake City based climber with a math degree and a coffee addiction. After learning to climb in the canyons around Salt Lake, the wanderlust took over and Justin spent most of his time on the road with climbing being the driving force of his travels.

Bouldering is his primary interest but sport climbing and trad climbing aren’t far behind. When he stays in town, Justin is a regular in Little Cottonwood and has had a season pass to the Hell Cave in American Fork Canyon for years.

As a training addict, much of his time is spent at the Shrimp Shrine, a local woody, devising new training protocols and performing feats of strength. Justin is also a route setter and coach and is working hard to finish his first Friday crossword puzzle.

Check out some of Justin's bouldering videos on Vimeo.

Photo © Michael Portanda
www.michaelportandaphotography.com | www.facebook.com/MichaelPortandaPhotography

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