Alpine Mentors Partners With Grivel and Liberty Mountain

Liberty Mountain and Grivel have partnered together to sponsor Alpine Mentors, a program focused on training the next generation of alpinists.

Alpine Mentors is designed to help aspiring alpinists learn the tricks-of-the-trade by partnering them with experienced climbers. Alpine Mentors was founded by Grivel athlete, Steve House who gives a lot of credit to the climbing mentors in his life for helping him excel in his climbing career.

“I had mentors of my own. Three older climbers selflessly took me under their collective wing, spending countless days climbing with me on the walls and ridges of the eastern Alps.” –Steve House

This program is a great way for accomplished climbers to give back to their “tribe” by sharing their knowledge and assisting inexperienced climbers in breaking the barriers to become an alpinist. House says that as mentors they are able to “de-fang the mountains” so that those that might already have the strength and skills can acquire the confidence and know-how to approach and climb hard-to-route mountains.

Liberty Mountain and Grivel are supporting the Alpine Mentors program in various ways, monetarily and with product donations. As a way to support the non-paid volunteers that spend a lot of their time making this program function, Liberty Mountain and Grivel have outfitted three of the program’s mentors with their very own Grivel alpine kits.

Buster Jesik, Steven van Sickle, and Colin Simon were each presented with their own package of gear that included backpacks, ice axes, crampons, hardware, and slings.

Liberty Mountain and Grivel are excited to be support Alpine Mentors because it is a program that is driven to selflessly give back to the climbing communities. There are many ways for individuals and corporations to support Alpine Mentors, including becoming a mentor, funding a scholarship, private donations, direct purchases, and capital partnerships. Help the next generation of climbers by supporting this program is anyway that you can.

More information about Alpine Mentors can be found at www.alpinementors.org.

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