Grivel 3F Quick Easy Draw

While rock climbing, nobody likes to grab the quickdraw; but in reality, who doesn’t ever grab the draw?

Free climbers grab the draws while projecting a route to avoid falling farther than they’d like. That is why Grivel created the 3F Quick Easy Draw, to fulfill the need to comfortably and safely grab quickdraws while also protecting the sling.

The Grivel 3F Quick Easy is comprised of a 13cm Dyneema® sling that is shielded with an ergonomic Quick Easy sling cover. The 3F Quick Easy is typically sold in packs of five either by themselves or with the Grivel Alpha, Beta, Gamma, or Plume carabiners.

Covering the Dyneema® sling with an ergonomically shaped rubber shield adds volume and rigidity to a very strong, yet thin and flexible sling. The rigidity allows for easier clipping, especially when the bolt is hard to reach. It also prevents the quickdraw from getting twisted and quickly reduces the chances for back-clipping.

The added volume from the Quick Easy allows your hand to safely grab the sling without slipping down onto the carabiner. In addition to that, clipping into protection while wearing gloves is made a whole lot easier.

3F = Three Prime Functions
Protection - Protects the sling from abrasive rocks and direct sunlight.
Ergonomics – Easy, comfortable, and safe to grab.
Customization – Vast color options to personalize gear.

The application for a Grivel 3F Quick Easy Draw transfers over to all types of climbing, while directly benefitting ice and sport climbers.

Overall, we give the Grivel 3F Quick Easy Draw a standing ovation for its innovative design and versatile concept. In no way is the functionality of the quickdraw compromised. In fact, the quickdraw’s performance is enhanced because of the Quick Easy cover.

So let’s rack ‘em up and get after it.


The Grivel 3F Quick Easy Draw is available at your local Grivel dealer and on LibertyMountainClimbing.com.

Grivel’s goal is to make life easier for climbers and alpinists; this is what they do and have done for nearly 200 years. Grivel has produced alpinism equipment since 1818. At the foot of the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc, Grivel is considered to be one of the world’s best brand names in mountaineering equipment. They are the world leader in the production of crampons and among the leaders of ice axe producers too.

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