2013 LM Climbing Catalog

You’d think that for being an outdoor gear company we’d be playing hooky to go climb some ice or shred the slopes during the winter months. However, the reality is the opposite.

The winter season for us at Liberty Mountain has actually been nicknamed “Catalog Season.” With two annual catalogs that total over 1,500 pages, we work double time to pump out the pages of Liberty Mountain’s Everything for the Outdoors and Climbing Catalogs.

Being the smaller of the two catalogs, we get to be a little more creative with the LM Climbing catalog with full-page action photography and athlete bios. The Climbing catalog is also the only one that directly benefits the end consumer. If the consumer can’t find something in the catalog at their favorite gear shop, they can for sure get it at retail on www.libertymountainclimbing.com.

Putting together the LM Climbing catalog is brutal business…almost as complicated at cooking lasagna:

Catalog Recipe:

  • Gather the product
  • Gather and write product info
  • Lock in the pricing
  • Gather and take product photos
  • Gather and take action photos
  • Design catalog layout
  • Layout product images, descriptions, and photography
  • Print and edit proofs
  • Make corrections and final edits
  • Send to printers
  • Proof printed spreads
  • Wait for printing to finish
  • Ship catalogs to customers
  • Upload digital catalog online

Proofing at the press is not an easy task. 48 hour shifts of looking at thousands of pages.

When everything is all said and done, we have a finished catalog that showcases the best climbing gear from our partners at Edelweiss, Beal, Grivel, Cypher, Omega Pacific, Singing Rock, Vaude, Valandre, Pieps, Kong, Stubai, Climbing Technology, and ABC.

Just like a chocolate chip cookie is best eaten when its still warm and the chocolate is still melted, the LM Climbing catalog is more thoroughly enjoyed the moment it arrives to your home or gear shop. The traditional sequence of reading the LM Catalog is initiated by flipping through and gazing at all the stellar climbing and skiing photography. The next step is to then flip through again while stopping and staring at all the gear labeled “NEW.” Once the drool is wiped from off your lips its time to pass a third time through the catalog to start your very own WISH LIST.

At Liberty Mountain, our wish list has you on it. We wish that this catalog will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. We wish that the gear it displays will help your gear shop be profitable. We wish that the gear will also assist you in your adventures. We wish that the photography will inspire you to get outside and have some fun.

We present to you...the 2013 LM CLIMBING CATALOG.

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