Event: Ouray Ice Festival

As an official sponsor, Grivel is sending their very own athletes, Steve House and Aaron Mulkey to the 2013 Ouray Ice Festival to conduct interactive ice climbing clinics.

The Ouray Ice Festival holds a reputation of being the most eclectic gathering of ice climbing aficionados. The 18th annual festival is being held at the Ouray Ice Park in Ouray, CO on January 10-13, 2013. As part of the event schedule, festival attendees will be able to sign themselves up for interactive clinics where they will be able to rub elbows with and learn from professional ice climbers.

Representing Grivel, Steve House and Aaron Mulkey will be onsite conducting a variety of ice climbing clinics. On Friday, January 11, Steve House will do a clinic on advanced ice climbing while Aaron Mulkey does his clinic on intermediate ice climbing. Steve House will then conduct a novice ice climbing clinic on Saturday, January 12 and Aaron Mulkey will do a similar clinic on Sunday, January 13. Space for each clinic is limited and they go on sale on Nov 15. Sign up for your clinic today.

On top of the athlete clinics, Grivel will also be represented at the Ouray Ice Festival with a full run of demo gear for festival attendees to snag for a personal adventure up some ice. Check out the gear, slay some ice, return the gear, and hit up the parties. This year’s ice festival is going to be a blast. Hope to see you all there on the ice.

Photo by Eva House.
Steve House
As an exchange student in Slovenia, Steve House was exposed to the local mountains and people that really gave House his first taste of alpine climbing. He made himself available for climbing everyday to anyone that needed a partner. Once he returned to the States, House pursued the life of a climbing guide that provided a life of consistent opportunities to be in the mountains and on the cliffs. House has amped up his climbing career and portfolio with amazing alpine ascents in Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, and Pakistan. Follow his adventures at www.stevehouse.net.

Notable Accomplishments:
  • Made first ascent of the House-Anderson route, WI5+ M8 R/X on Canada’s Mount Alberta
  • Made first ascent of K7 West in Pakistan
  • Made first ascent of the House-Hayle route on Canada’s Mount Robson
  • Awarded the People’s Award for the 14th Piolet d’Or for his solo ascent of the Southwest face of K7, making it the second ascent of the mountain and the first ascent of the route

Aaron Mulkey
Aaron is a pioneer ice climber. He hikes through and flies over the mountains of Wyoming to scout out the newest and sickest ice falls in the country. All of his explorations and pioneering has generously paid off with nearly 100 first ascents. His knack for exploring comes from his history of hunting and hiking with his father in California. Aaron lives a double life. In the winter he climbs up the waterfalls and in the summer he paddles down them. So be it frozen or melted, he can always be found at the waterfalls.  Follow his adventures at www.coldfear.com.

Notable Accomplishments:
  • Pioneered the mountains and canyons of Wyoming, establishing a large collection of new ice routes
  • Made the first ascent of Morning Glory, WI6 in Wyoming's North Fork Valley
  • Made the first ascent of The Gambler, WI7 in Wyoming's South Fork Valley
  • Made the first ascent of Talk is Cheap, WI6 M6 in Wyoming's North Fork Valley
  • Made the first ascent of Sons of Anarchy, WI5 M8R 2,500ft in Hemsedal, Norway
  • Made the first ascent of Spirit Chimney WI5 M7 200ft in the Beartooth Mtns, Montana

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