A Tribute to Patrick Edlinger: 1960 - 2012

We have received news that the world-renowned climber Patrick Edlinger died today. Most of the world and all of the climbing industry were impacted and inspired by this French climber.

(Watch a more extended video of this film here: https://vimeo.com/21240223)

Edlinger became well known after his appearance in a French climbing movie called “Life at Your Fingertips. In the film, Edlinger is shown free-soloing amazing cliffs while impressing the viewer with phenomenal physical feats.  Adding to his status from the film, Edlinger went on to take first place with his flawless performance at the International Sport Climbing Championship held at Snowbird, Utah in 1988.

“Sitting next to Maria Cranor at Snowbird, I watched him walk up to the wall (last competitor), and by the time he was a third of the way up everybody could see he was cruising it easier than anyone before. When he became the only person to reach the top the place went absolutely crazy. A better finish to the competition I simply am unable to imagine.” - Source

When scouring the web for information about Patrick Edlinger, not only will you find endless video clips on YouTube of Edlinger climbing without ropes, but also you will find many articles and forum threads that revere him, his climbing, and his priceless contributions to the climbing industry.

Photo source: http://sonnietrotter.com/2009/09/28/a-little-somethin-for-the-readers/
“Patrick remains a good friend. He is always climbing, well known in his own country and more visible there, of course. Yes he is a very fine climber. Some will remember years ago how he handily won the Snowbird competition. He stayed at my house for a month in '86. He's a bit vain, comically so, and would walk through the house totally naked. My normally shy girl friend, a concert pianist, would blush and say, with a slight crack in her trembling voice, "I ... don't mind." On that trip to America, Edlinger brought his own photographer and cook. As compensation (not asked for by me) for staying at my house, they cooked dinner virtually every night, and indeed that cook was good!! They kept rolls of film in our refrigerator. Patrick wanted me to give him the grand tour of the Gill boulders at Fort Collins, and I did. He was by no means the measure of John, but he made a strong show. One day he decided to repeat Rainbow Wall in Eldorado. It was hot and humid, and when he returned he kept saying to me, "Sleepy sleepy." I thought he meant he was tired or had stayed up too late. He was trying to say, "Slippery slippery." I will never forget when I was in England in '84, I was looking for a pair of Patrick Edlinger shoes, but no store had them. I don't know how he got wind that I was trying to find a pair, but at the Buxton national climbers convention, someone simply came up to me and said, "Patrick Edlinger gives you his regards." The person handed me a brand new pair of those shoes. Patrick had made it happen from a different country.” – Patrick Oliver

Rest in peace Patrick. We hope that those closely affected with his passing can find peace during this time of loss.

As a Beal athlete, the Beal Edlinger 10.2mm was Patrick’s signature rope…when he used one.


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