Special Edition Singing Rock Harnesses Support Jeff Lowe Film

Liberty Mountain has teamed up with Singing Rock to support the Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia film project with the Metanoia Flake Harness.

With all proceeds being donated to the Jeff Lowe Mountain Foundation, a limited supply of the special Metanoia Flake Harness will be available for purchase for $59.95 at www.libertymountainclimbing.com. In an effort to support, promote and raise funds for the upcoming Jeff Lowe film, Liberty Mountain invites everyone to participate in promoting and purchasing the limited edition harnesses.

The Metanoia Flake Harness by Singing Rock is the ultimate option for mountaineering and ski touring. The Flake is lightweight and will not absorb water due to its hydrophobic materials. With the patented Rock&Lock buckle system the Flake can be fitted even with crampons or skis on. The harness has an extremely compact design to take it anywhere.

The Jeff Lowe's Metanoia film explores the life and climbs of legendary alpinist, Jeff Lowe. Jon Krakauer narrates the true story, including Jeff's remarkable 8 day solo first ascent of Metanoia, on the Eiger NF, in the winter of 1991. Archival footage and new HD footage bring us into Jeff's life, with interviews of great climbers from around the world and more. A must see film in 2013. Visit the Jeff Lowe website for more information on the film: http://jeffloweclimber.com.


Singing Rock began in the heart of the Czech Republic, surrounded by towering sandstone pillars that only the very brave and tenacious locals dare to climb in the traditional Czech style. It is there in the unique Bohemian Paradise where Singing Rock products are designed, tested and manufactured in a world-class facility. Designed and built by climbers who are passionate about design and safety. Singing Rock continually refines it’s harnesses and other climbing equipment to build the best gear possible. www.singingrock.com

Jeff Lowe is known for his visionary climbs and first ascents established in the US and Canadian Rockies, Alps and Himalayas. Much credit is given to Lowe for bringing modern ice climbing to the US from Europe as well as inventing mixed climbing. Lowe was featured ice climbing on the cover of a 1978 issue of Sports Illustrated. He founded the companies Latok Mountain Gear and Cloudwalker and has been an inspirational designer of outdoor gear. Lowe’s writing of books and articles continue to inspire many to live the adventures they seek in their own lives. Lowe received an honorary membership in the American Alpine Club, the club's highest honor, and in the British Alpine Club for his climbing achievements, contributions to the climbing community, and vision.  http://jeffloweclimber.com

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