Plugging Pieces on Black Bean

One year ago a video was posted on the internet of Arnaud Petit, a sponsored Beal athlete, climbing France's notorious Black Bean (5.13d) route on the Biographie Wall. The coolest thing about this video is the fact that he was so bored and inspired by this route that he decided to try something new and climb it while placing his own gear. Some call it "green pointing" and some call it crazy. We think it's pretty slick. See for yourself.

So instead of clipping into all the pre-placed bolts on his way up, he ran it out to the very few spots where we was able to place cams and nuts. You'll notice too that he opted for the Beal Joker 9.1 rope to be his lifeline on this super-stellar feat.

The Beal Joker 9.1 conforms to all three dynamic rope standards, e.g., single rope, twin rope, and half rope. With this versatility, the Joker is definitely the rope that extreme climbers love. But that's not all. At the start of 2013, Liberty Mountain will be distributing and selling the NEW Beal Joker 9.1 UNICORE.

Just like the Diablo, the Joker will now have Beal's phenomenal UNICORE to prevent sheath bunching and slipping, making the rope safer and more reliable in abrasive and wet conditions. This is a game changer. Learn more about UNICORE here.
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