The Grivel 10-Point Crampon - Outside Magazine's Most Influential Gear

Outside Magazine named the Grivel 10-Point Crampon as the most influential gear of all time. Why is that?

The Grivel family and brand have gone down in history as the innovators of alpine equipment. They really made a historical name for themselves back in 1908 when Oscar Eckenstein approached Henry Grivel with his plans for a 10-point crampon. At that time Henry was a blacksmith with a family legacy of making equipment for alpinists since 1818. Henry would cut up old railroad ties, reheat them, and forge them by hand to create a “modern crampon.” 


It wasn’t until 1932 that the 10-point standard for crampons was increased to 12-points after Laurent Grivel, Henry’s son, decided to add two front-points near the toes. Since then, not much has changed in regards to the general design and function of crampons. With all the different brands and models of crampons out there the overall 10-point and 12-point design remains the same.

Grivel continues to lead the pack in manufacturing the best crampons in the world. They now use much harder steel that forms a rigid structure under the foot that keeps sharp and penetrates the ice more efficiently. Grivel products are made in Italy with solar energy.


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