Grivel G1 Axe - Outside the Wire

We recently received an email showing the use of Grivel's G1 ice axe, and we could not be more proud that it is helping keep our troops safe.  A big thanks to SSG Razon and the others like him helping to keep our troops safe.


I am an EOD technician in the US ARMY and am currently deployed and
operating in Afghanistan.  I purchased one of your products, a yellow G1 ice
axe and use it daily in line of work.  EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance
Disposal and we take care and mitigate Improvised Explosive Devices or IED's
placed by the insurgents.  These IED's are the number one cause for
casualties in the war going on today in Afghanistan. 

I use your product daily from digging, scraping, pick-axing, probing and
using it as a lever or anchor in the ground or wall.  I have used it to
un-earth main charges of the IED's which can weigh anywhere from 5-200
pounds.  I can attest to the quality and durability of your products and
company.  To simply put it... The G1 ice axe that I have has been put
through hell and has always emerged a victor.  I am not for certain that you
have thought or imagined a product of yours being used in the capacity that
I use it for but it is a remarkable piece of gear that you have produced and
I have it with me every time that I am outside of the wire. 

I have attached a picture to this message with the ice axe in action (well
it was in action that day).  On this situation, I used the axe to scrape
away a lot of dirt, dig a few trenches to trace out wire, as a lever to
remove items and to remove the yellow jug you can see that is full of

I just wanted to share the successes of your product with you and hope that
you continue to never sacrifice quality for quantity. 

SSG Jarrett Razon

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